Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday! (Episode 7)

It's Wednesday!!  Are you wearing your TEAM KIM shirt??!!  All the cool kids are doing it...

Can't wait for tonight!  (It's like Christmas every Wednesday!)  TEAM KIM FOR THE WIN!! 


  1. Kim looks gorgeous! I'll have to get one of those trendy Surviving Kim T-Shirts.

    Time for Kim to shine again tonight! I expect her to dominate in the Reward Challenge and then start a streak of immunity challenge victories. I believe the record is 5 - which Kim Possible should shatter.

    Go Kim! Victory is KimMINENT!

  2. Sorry running short on "Kim" pics today so this one is me (her sis) :)!!

  3. LOL. I realized that was you after I looked again. I thought you recycled the Kim one from a few weeks ago at first glance. Kim fans like you too though Beth!

    Another great episode from Kim Possible as well! She had a great confessional about keeping her New Salani alliance intact as well as her all-girls alliance as a Plan B. Great move! Kind of preferred to keep Jonas since I like him but that's another reason he had to go I suppose.

    Team Kim FTW!