Friday, March 2, 2012

And the Fishy Award Goes to...

KIM!  She's racking em' up (even if it technically was a tie).  Click HERE to read the full story.  And also because it's not everyday that your sister makes the National Enquirer there's this...

This crap is cracking me up!  Speaking of is there a lot of it out there.  It seems like everyone has got an opinion when they're sitting on their couches drinking a brewsky or eating bon bon's.  One thing is for sure, I think being out there in the freezing cold rain with no fire and nothing to eat looks ridiculously hard.  I dare some of those peeps who have so much to say to give it a go and see how well they do.  And just when it seemed like morale couldn't get any lower (click here to see Kim's take on that) the women totally redeemed themselves.  Way to go girls for not giving up...  

Keep on keeping on!  Unlike some of the naysayers out there y'all make me proud to be a woman! (Smile).


  1. That National Enquirer article is ridiculous (aside from pointing out the obvious in that Kim is sexy)! I don't think it's news that Kim is divorced (big deal) but at least she looks great in her cast photo and got some free press for her boutique. Hope Kim doesn't have to dodge too many paparazzi on a daily basis now that she's a celeb : )

    People hating on the women's tribe (particularly Chelsea) because they were shown complaining about the elements was annoying to me too. They have footage of everyone on the cast whining. I'm sure they showed a few of the women to make their underdog story that much more dramatic. It was the theme of the first few episodes and ended in the girls beating the guys in two straight challenges to send them to tribal. It doesn't mean that Salani was a complete failure at camp life or that Manono didn't complain either. Chelsea, Monica, and Kim looked pretty capable taking the boat out and spear fishing.

    Oh, Kim not being involved at all in any complaining or making petty deals with the guy's tribe was probably a really really good thing. I wish she had more screen time but at least when they do show her it's always doing something positive (catching fish, giving interesting confessionals, bonding with Chelsea).

    Thanks for making the Surviving Kim Blog Beth! I hope you, Kim, and the rest of the Possible Fam are having a great weekend!

    Team Kim for the Win! Victory is KimMINENT!

  2. You can add Survivor South Pacific champion (and another Runaway Juror favorite) Sophie Clarke to Team Kim. I don't like Richie's blog but he interviewed Sophie as part of it this week and she had this to say about Kim -

    When I asked Sophie who will win she said this, “Kim was my early pick and I am sticking with it. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, is strong in challenges, and is one of the rare players not to be in this 5th grade playground petty war of the genders. Jonas, Leif, and Troyzan are growing on me as well.”

    Team Kim is growing!

    Here's the link (it's on Rob C.'s site) -

    FWIW, the problem I had with Richie's blog is he thinks the men and Colton are doing well. I think they're idiots. The majority alliance completely alienated Bill, Mike, and Jay by making it clear they were on the wrong side of the numbers and Tarzan was the worst offender. The correct move is what Kim and the women are doing - they made Kat feel appreciated, patched up the Alicia-Christina argument from the first Tribal Council, and took Monica fishing so she wouldn't feel left out. That makes them less likely to flip in the inevitable event of a tribe swap. The four person alliance of Kim-Chelsea-Sabrina-Alicia is smart.

    Anyways, Team Kim for the Win! Victory is KimMINENT!