Friday, March 23, 2012

Hometown Favorite

Sometimes you don't even have to live in a town to be a hometown favorite!  Our dad has taken Temple, TX by storm...
Since everyone is such a fan of Coach Spradlin I guess it is natural that they would adopt Kim as a favorite as well!  The Temple Daily Telegram has given Kim more press than anyone else combined and runs a weekly article where they get Coach Spradlin's take on the "game" (glad you're paying close attention dad!)  Here is his latest "session" which ran in the paper before Wednesday night's show...

Salani tribe set up to dominate Manono in 'Survivor: One World'

Was it luck or a ploy by the producers?

Last week’s episode of “Survivor: One World” took many by surprise. Fans of the newly formed Salani tribe, or its individual tribe members, were cheering when the strongest contestants this season were united. Anyone rooting for the Manono tribe was forced to pray their favorite competitor could hang on.
By the end of tribal council, another strong competitor, Monica, was gone. The underdogs are now short one team member, giving the Salani tribe another advantage in the game. Here’s how the new tribes break down:
-Salani: Kimberly, Sabrina, Kat, Chelsea, Mike, Jay and Troyzan.
-Manono: Colton, Leif, Tarzan, Alicia, Christina and Jonas.

When the teams divided, it was like watching the jocks and cheerleaders on one side of the cafeteria and the French club on the other. “One World” has become two.

The tribes no longer share a camp and the battle-of-the-sexes theme has obviously been nixed. Where can the show go next? What way can the producers shake up the game? The Salani tribe is poised to dominate from now until the merger — if there even is a merger.
Was the goal to save the prettiest contestants for the season and watch the weaker competitors pick each other off? If that was the producers’ plan, then it should generate some big drama in the Manono tribe.

One contestant who has remained drama-free is Kimberly Spradlin. She discovered an immunity idol for herself last week and has only told one other member of her tribe about it.

Kimberly’s father, Temple High School head football coach Mike Spradlin, said last week’s episode couldn’t have worked out any better for Kim.
“She is with a group of strong players, both mentally and physically,” the coach wrote in an email on Tuesday.
“I think the real advantage right now for them is that they don’t have all the drama going on, which allows them to focus on staying strong.”

In this week’s session, the coach talks about how to keep a strong team on the offensive, how to prepare for the unexpected; plus, a little taste of how the Spradlin family is enjoying this season of “Survivor.”

The Manono tribe has become the new underdogs in the competition. How does the Salani tribe maintain victory over a weaker tribe?
Like I have said before, the real key to staying on top is to realize that someone always wants to take your place. Complacency is the root of defeat when it comes to staying on the mountaintop. Once you get in a comfort zone, you set yourself up for failure. Winners always strive to get better … you are either getting better or worse, but you never stay the same.

Kim is now in a pack of leaders. How does she take control of a group of individuals?
The real key there is to know when to offer advice and when to keep your mouth shut. Strong personalities require that each listens to the other, without becoming overbearing in presenting your ideas. I really think Kim is doing that part well. It is obvious to me … that the others value her opinion. I personally feel like that comes from the respect she has for others.

The rules seem to be changing a lot in the game. What’s the best way to prepare a team for the unexpected?
You have to always be prepared for unexpected adversity in any competition; Survivor is no different. Great competitors always stay prepared for the adverse moments, so as not to be blindsided by them. You have to constantly be on your guard and you have to be ready to react to change. One thing I have always preached to my players and coaches is that change is inevitable … don’t get caught unprepared. Lack of preparation will get you beat every time.

As a parent, what have your reactions been to Kim’s performance? Have you been worried for her? Concerned about safety? Are you proud of her upstanding performance?
Honestly, we have not been worried about Kim at all. I am real proud of how she represents herself, but I am not surprised. Kim is an outstanding young woman, true to her beliefs and tremendously respectful of everyone. She is very intelligent, and a great competitor. I couldn’t be prouder of her; but it isn’t the first time as her dad I have felt that feeling.

How is the family reacting as the episodes unfold? Is there a lot of teasing, or encouragement?
We are having a lot of fun with it — quite a bit of teasing — but also, we are really pulling for Kim. We had quite a bit of fun with the “crotch” statement last week. One thing that hasn’t come across as much is how funny Kim is. She is honestly one of the funniest people I know.

We know you've got a lot of fans dad but we are your number ones!  Oh, and thanks for teaching us how to throw right when we were little...thanks to you Kim didn't look like an idiot on national television this week!  TEAM KIM FOR THE WIN!! 

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  1. Congrats Kim and Coach Spradlin on all the good press!

    Hope Kim Possible and her fam are having a great week : )

    Team Kim for the Win! Victory is KimMINENT!

    PS - Beth, please see if you can upload Kim's application video!