Saturday, March 10, 2012

And the Winner is...

So sorry for the delay y'all!  This has been "one of those weeks!"  I plugged the numbers in to

And the winner is...

Comment #2, HEATHER!  Congrats Heather!  You've been a "faithful" follower for so long I'm glad to be able to send a "Team KIM" shirt your way.  Just shoot me an email with your address and the photo you want Kim to assess.  If it's okay with your I'll share your "animal" results on the blog!  Thanks everyone for commenting, following and supporting my sis!  TEAM KIM FOR THE WIN!!


  1. Congrats Heather - I'm jealous!

    Thanks for running a contest for us Beth - hope you and your fam had a great weekend!

    Team Kim for the Win!!! Victory is KimMINENT!

  2. Kim fans are getting creative : ) This is from a Kim fan named Gabe -

    Your sister also has a few Episode 5 press pics up here -

    Enjoy and only 1 more day until Episode 5 and a twist!

    Team Kim for the Win - Victory is KimMINENT!