Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kim Tells All

Because it's Wednesday.  Because I'm sure you're missing Survivor just like me.  Because inquiring minds really do want to know.  Because I promised.  Here it is!  Kim tells ALL!  Ok, so she's not exactly telling ALL but today she's answering a few of the questions YOU asked!  Here goes...

Kim what animal are you?

You know, I can't decide. I'm ever evolving:) Kangaroo, ostrich, fox. Maybe I need an animal expert to tell me!

What are some of the funny quirky things you did with your castmates to pass the time?

 We did a "sound orchestra" where everyone makes a different sound at the same time, and I was always.. "boing...... boing...." It was funny at the time. Chelsea and I just got a kick out of laughing at everyone else:)

What are some of your favorite moments from the show that didn't make the edit?

Chelsea and I started this "There's that one" thing, that always cracked me up. You can hear her say it right as we are getting back from voting out Tarzan.

Getting to really know everyone was awesome, and we never see any of that. We would lay around for hours laughing, crying, and giving advice to each other about jobs, friends, and men. It's what made us all so tight!

Did it take a long time for you and Kat to make up and be great friends?

Not really, We hugged it out that night when I got back to Ponderosa, I really do love Kat.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Si. His nickname is Abs.

 What is your College degree in?

Communication. My favorite subject was Non-Verbal communication;)

What was your hardest day on the island?

The days the balls dropped, ha! That was my hardest physical day. I always felt like my body turned a corner after that day, but I remember thinking I might fall down.

You mentioned wanting to take some trips.  What are some of the places at the top of your list?

Costa Rica, I've been wanting to surf... Paris (I've never been), and I'm just looking forward to going some places in the good old US I've never been (Laguna, Chicago, Scotsdale... just to see friends)! 

I love your style!  Where do you primarily shop for clothes?

Hmmm, everywhere. Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, J Crew, I like to be comfortable:) 

Which challenge was the toughest physically?

Pizza day, that digging deal. It lasted like 6 hours!
Would you ever team up with Chelsea to do the Amazing Race?

Hell yes. I'm working on that ;)

Annnnnd....a few of Kim's favorite things!

Colors: taupe or blue (depends on what)

Scents: citrus

Flowers: peonies

Board Games: malarky:) jk, ummm settlers of Catan

Video Games: the trampoline on the Wii Olympics... I get a perfect score everytime.

Sports to Play: Sand Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball (the adult kind that involves good friends and Miller Light.)

Sports Teams: For baseball that changes every time my good friends get traded to another team, Football: Wherever my dad is coaching at the time... I guess I follow people more than teams?

Outdoor Activities: Rafting, Camping, Fishing (well, drinking either coffee or beer (depending on the time of day) while watching other people fish).

TV Shows: Survivor, Lie to me, Bachelor (embarrassing, but true.), Dancing with the Stars, America's funniest home videos

Movies: Tombstone, Lonesome Dove, Romy and Michelle's High school reunion, Clifford, X- men.

Music: Ray Lamontagne, Keb Mo, Avett Brothers, I get tired of music really fast and have to switch it up!

Magazines: Shape, Self, Elle Decor, Women's Health, Lucky, In style, Travel and Leisure...  
whatever, I'm not picky:)

Books/Authors: C.S. Lewis, Barabara Kingsolver (the Poisonwood Bible in particular)

Cereals: Life, Kix, frosted mini-wheats

Fruits: Watermelon, apricots, kiwi, I like it all.

Snack Foods: carrots and hummus, coffee (is that a snack food?;/)

Cookies: Sure.

Candy Bars: nah.

Alcoholic Drinks:  miller light, really good wine, or bourbon.

Non-Alcoholic: MILK!!


  1. This post really made my day, thank you ladies!! :D

    And Kim, if you ever need some fan campaigning done to help you and Chelsea get on the Amazing Race, I know more than a few of us would be willing to write some letters to CBS on your behalf. ;) Because the two of you would kick ass on that show!


  2. love it! and "because it's wednesday" is perfect reasoning! i love kim's honesty and sense of humor... romy & michele...hahaha, yes. i'm surprised the leaning-forward-over-the-water-hanging-on-to-a-rope-behind-you wasn't the killer. that seemed brutal!
    keep up the blogging!

  3. Thank you Kim and Beth for getting my questions answered and for Kim's list of favorites!

    Love you both and hope you're having a great week. Best Survivor Winner and Best Survivor Loved One EVER!

    Team Kim WON! Victory WAS Kimminent!

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing :)