Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Richard Said

Quite a few "tributes" to Kim have been popping up around the internet but here are a couple of my favorites...

I also think this one is great (even if I can't read the subtitles :).  And, just for the record, Kim is definitely not boring...

Last but not least I ran across this red carpet interview from the night of the finale.  I was so glad that this guy brought up a moment the viewers at home didn't get to see.  During one of the commercial breaks for the Live Reunion Show Richard Hatch told Jeff that he thought Kim was one of the best to ever play the game.  You know I totally agree Richard but it was still pretty amazing to hear you say it!!

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  1. Thanks for posting these Beth! My favorite Kim moment had to be when she won the Fan Favorite on top of the million though. Well deserved and I'm glad the fans supported her. Oh and the Love Story with Chelsea is a top moment too : )

    And of course I agree with Hatch. Kim is too humble to admit it but she belongs in the Top Tier of Survivor players and her game was one of the most dominant performances of all time.

    Hope Team Kim is having a great week!

    Team Kim WON! Victory WAS Kimminent!