Thursday, May 10, 2012

New York State of Mind

Last night Kim became a part of Survivor history.  For the first time ever the final 5 castaways battling it out for $1 million are all women!  

We couldn't be prouder of Kimpossible and celebrated appropriately with icing...

Today we spent a little time getting ready to head to the big apple (excuses for coffee and pedicures are always appreciated around here)...

It's hard to believe we won't be spending our Wednesday nights watching Kim living island life...

We can't wait to sit in the audience Sunday night and see how the story ends...

But we're not the only ones who think it's "Must See TV" (check out our very own Kim and an awesome little blurb in this weeks entertainment weekly)...


P.S. Don't forget to vote for KIM and help her win Fan Favorite! Text 9 to 55455!


  1. Did my 10 votes for fan fave. G'luck Kim!

  2. Don't forget people can vote 10 times by text AND 10 times on the CBS website here -

    GO TEAM KIM! Anyone but Troyzan for Fan Favorite please.

    Finally, victory is almost here! VICTORY IS KIMMINENT!

  3. I haven't been this excited with Survivor since Heroes v Villains. Thanks Kim for making the show exciting to watch again.

    Voted 10 times for FF too.

    <3 from Indonesia.

  4. biggest non surprise ever, congrats