Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh you know...

Just walking around downtown with her machete...

It's just another day in the life of Kimpossible!  (To read the full article click here)


  1. Kim audio podcast from Dom & Colin is up!


    Awesome interview and she talks about Beth's visit and trying to convince her mom that she was going home every week! Enjoy.

    Thanks for doing these interviews Kim.

    Team Kim has won! Team Kim for All-Stars 2!

  2. I just discovered this blog about a week ago and I know there hasn't been a blog entry in a few months, so I hope someone sees my comment, haha.

    I'm a teenager and have been watching Survivor for quite a few years now, and never have I been more in love with a contestant than Kim. I was always on the edge my seat during the individual Immunity Challenges and Tribal Council (as we probably all were) and I even said I would stop watching that season if Kim was voted out. I loved her from the very beginning and let me tell you, when I found those "Outwit, Outlast, Outplay, Kim" t-shirts on your blog, I nearly fell out of my chair. I must order one--pronto!

    I was thinking, how could I see Kim play again, and I thought it would be so cool if they have all the previous season's winners come back (if they are able to) so Kim would be among them!

    If you see this comment, it would be greatly appreciated if you told Kim how much I look up to her. ♥ I'm only sixteen.

  3. Hi Lauren!

    I love that you have a mocking jay as your pic;) I heart hunger games! Thanks for all your sweet words, I very much appreciate your support! Survivor was quite fun, and I hope you find many adventures of your own.

    All the Best,

    1. ...
      you just made my day with your reply you have no idea
      I'm speechless ahhh :'D
      And you like The Hunger Games too this is like the best day ever (save for the day you won Survivor) and I know I'm freaking out about a comment but I love you so much!

  4. LOL. Kim is the best! Congrats being a Kim Fan Lauren!

    Kim - you got 3rd in the Fan Voting for the Survivor Hall of Fame!


    If the Executive Voting Committee's votes didn't count for so much you would have got in. You got 2 EVC votes (Russell Hantz and Dalton Ross).

    Can't wait to see you on ASS2!

    Merry Christmas to Kim and her family!


  5. Just a reminder for Kim fans to vote Kim for the 2013 Survivor Hall of Fame! She already has 1 Executive Committee vote from Russell and hopefully Dalton continues his Kim support.


    There are three ways to vote…

    Facebook – Leave your three picks as a comment on the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Facebook page.
    Twitter – Tweet your three picks to @SurvivorHall
    Email – Send your three picks to survivorhofvote@gmail.com

    Happy Holidays to Kim, Beth, and their family!