Friday, February 24, 2012

What Murtz Said

Murtz Jaffer...

Apparently he's the authority on Reality TV who does an analysis of each episode of Survivor.  Here's what he had to say about Kim after Wednesday night...

5. While many of the women think that they are the leader and Sabrina was voted as the one in charge, it is so obvious to me that Kim is the one in charge. She only speaks when she has to and when she does, it is almost always poignant. Sorry Colton, this is Kim’s World. Did you see how she handled the touchy Colton situation? It was flawless.

That's right Colton...this is Kim's world and your just living in it!  I'm pretty sure Murtz and I would be fast friends.  To read the full review click HERE!

Kim also received her first "Fishy" award from Stephen Fishback who writes an article every week for People Magazine online.  Click HERE to read what he has to say about "Mission Kimpossible"!

Stephen isn't the only former Survivor that's a "Kim" fan Rob Cesternino had a couple of nice things to say as well (click HERE).


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  1. Hi Beth!

    Of course Kim is going to win! I don't like Murtz but I'm fan of both Fishbach and Cesternino. Their analysis is generally, very very good.

    You can also add Dawn Meehan to the list of Kim supporters -

    She has Kim ranked No. 2 in her Power Rankings (right behind Jonas) and said some nice things about her.

    Message board posters where I come from who analyze the Survivor editing also pegged Kim as a front-runner. Chelsea and Jonas are two other strong contenders with good edits.

    Hope you, Kim, and the rest of the Possible Family are having a great weekend!