Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Colton Effect

So I'm thinking that when Jeff asked Kim what talents she could be contributing to the tribe last night she should have said multi-tasking.  I don't know many girls that can make eating a piece of boiled bread fruit look good while simultaneously telling Colton being BFF's with the girls tribe just isn't an option (I think her exact words were dumb, dumb, dumb)...

It's actually a little something Kim likes to call "The Colton Effect" (click on the photo to hear all about it)...

This weeks episode was a little rough.  I'm not gonna' lie I'm ready for the girls to kick some butt!  The guys are getting just a little too big for their britches if you ask me.  I'm sure their camp is nice and all but for goodness sake a tree swing?  I think someone needs to take them down a few notches and I sure am hoping the girls can pull it together and get the job done.

Regardless of how things shake out when it comes to "Women Power" I think Kim is establishing herself as a smart player and I'm loving it!

Oh and the award for freakiest night shot goes toooooooooo....

Jonas!!  Wowzer can you say creepy!?

Can't wait til' next week!



  1. So what exactly was Kim Possible up to out there?! Kourtney called her the "Puppet Master" in her post-show interviews.

    Nina was even better. She said "In my opinion, Kim is really the silent leader of that group. The chosen leader was Sabrina, but I think Kim kind of deferred to Sabrina, and that was a smart move. Lots of times the vocal leader has a target on their back. I think Kim was working things from behind the scenes pretty well, and I think that she had a lot to say about who did what, and I think that she had a lot of influence over Alicia and Kat."

    Nina went on to call Kim a "villain" and a "manipulator" and said "I think Kim is acting like she’s everybody’s friend. She’s a gamer. You can tell that she’s really involved. She was grilling the guys. She’s smart and I think she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the end of the game."

    I think Kim Possible is trying to win this season and then get invited back for Heroes vs. Villains 2!

    Also pretty sure from the previews the Women's Tribe wins a challenge next week (I assume it's immunity) so one of the Guys will be going home.

    Anyways, glad y'all enjoyed Episode 2 and hope you're having a great week!

    Team Kim <3 A Kim victory is KimMINENT.

  2. Here's a link to a new CBS video showing how the Episode 3 immunity challenge works -

    Did you have Kim practice this one in the backyard?! Looks like something she will dominate regardless and hopefully Kim and Salani will be KimUNE for Tribal Council tomorrow.

    Team Kim <3