Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday! (Episode 2)

What we're wearing...

Our TEAM KIM shirts of course!!  What she'll be wearing...

Seriously.  You could wash clothes on those abs.  (Who knows maybe they did?!)  Tune in tonight for Episode 2 (7:00 Central)...

TEAM KIM for the WIN!! (She's all warmed up for GAME DAY)...


  1. Yeah! The Surviving Kim Blog is back!

    Here's some new comments from Kim supporters to share -

    "An all-around threat <3"
    "Muy caliente!"
    "Kim is amazing!! I can't wait to see her tomorrow... ^__^"
    "Jedi goddess <3"
    "Kim Skywalker <3"
    "Supply-collecting, truck-jumping goddess <3"
    "They [Kim and Chelsea] are both fierce goddesses <333"
    "Kim is Amazing <333"
    "She's got killer abs and a stunning face."
    "She's glamorous and a class act."

    Looking forward to Episode 2 tonight. It looks like Kim will get to dominant the balance beam immunity challenge and some sort of do-it-yourself challenge for reward. I'm sure she'll be Kimtelligent enough to stay out of the Alicia-Christina drama as well.

    Hope the Possible Family is having a Kimtastic week and that everyone enjoys Episode 2 tonight!

    Team Kim for the win! Remember, a Kim-Victory is KimMINENT!

  2. Hi Beth, Kim, and Kim Fans!

    Wow, that was a rough episode for Salani but not really a bad episode for Kim, Chelsea, or Monica individually. I don't see anyone else on the women's tribe getting a winner's edit.

    Kim did well even if she was a little quiet. I loved how she helped diplomatically shoo Colton out of camp. I believe Kim's quote was something like "You're here all the time, we don't want to make any dumb moves, and having you overhear everything we're talking about would be a dumb move." I did feel bad for Colton but he needed to make more of an effort to bond with the guys. Plus that lead to Colton forming the Misfit Alliance which has the potential to be the most entertaining alliance in the history of Survivor. Colton-Tarzan-Troyzan-Jonas-Leif could be television gold.

    I'm sure the immunity challenge was tougher than it looked. Did Kim remember that one from Vanuatu – the last season of guys vs. girls? I'm shocked that Yasur (the women's tribe from Vanuatu) had such an easy time with that challenge and Salani seemed lost. I'll assume the person not named Kim who let Kat go first is to blame.

    I also love the Chelsea-Kim alliance. It's clear they are running the tribe.

    On to Kat – what a hot mess. So is Kim keeping her around because Kat is not getting any votes in a Final Tribal? Kat also went over and farted on Alicia and Kim Possible which was ridiculous! I don't mind the Nina boot because (1) you can swap out Kat for Monica in the alliance at any time; and (2) Nina seemed kind of mean - but I'm guessing if Kim had to form the alliance again Kat's not in it.

    Last, during Tribal, Kim had some great quotes and got to answer two Jeff questions (who was being more obnoxious than usual). I love this Kim quote "I think I'm a good communicator but I don't think there's a place for my voice YET." I'm thinking that was the editors hinting there will be a place for Kim's voice in the Final Tribal Council!

    Love you Kim and hope everyone is having a Kimazing week! Looking forward to next week – the pre-season previews show Kim cheering at a challenge Colton is sitting out of so I assume Salani has to win that challenge at some point : )

    Team KIM for the win!

    PS - Can Kim post what she thinks the Inner Animals of her castmates are?