Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday! (Episode 3)

Two thumbs up it's Wednesday!

Emerson was having a little trouble with the whole "thumbs up" thing...

She prefers just to wave her magic wand...

Abra Cadabra...TEAM KIM FOR THE WIN!!

Emerson and Carter aren't the only one's pulling for a Salani win tonight.  Jeff is spending the day hanging out at his favorite Bridesmaid Boutique...

He and Kim spent the morning talking strategy over coffee...

And then he helped her pick an outfit for tonight's episode (he's so thoughtful)...

He mentioned she's the most beautiful contestant they've ever had on the show.  Gosh Jeff, that's such a coincidence I totally agree (seriously no makeup and island grime can't hide this girls good looks put her on the cover of National Geographic already)!!

We're all fired up and hoping for a Salani victory tonight!  TEAM KIM FOR THE WIN!!


  1. Cardboard Probst needs to be wearing a Kim "What Animal R U" T-Shirt!

    Hope Team Kim is having a great week!

    Kim <3

  2. Here's the link to the bigger version of Kim's Press Photo from Episode 3 -

    Kim Possible looks a liiittle tired but still beautiful <3

    I hope she gets a Secret Scenes as well. No such thing as too much Kim!