Monday, April 30, 2012

Fan Favorite

My new favorite thing is walking around with Kim and hearing someone whisper "I think that's Kim from Survivor?!"  Which is usually followed quickly by Kim's well timed, "It IS Kim from Survivor!"  That always brings a smile to her fans faces.  The sales girls at Anthropologie are TEAM KIM all the way...

Also here's a quick sneak peak from Kim's photo shoot today (Emme was doing her best to make her Aunt laugh)...

TEAM KIM for the WIN!!  

1 comment:

  1. I left a comment on the family blog but I'll leave one on the official Team Kim blog as well.

    Loved ones visit coming up tomorrow night! Should be great! Can you tell us who's visiting Kim? Chelsea's Dad already Tweeted that he is her loved ones visit.

    And that's awesome that Kim is such a sweetheart to her fans. I hope she wins fan favorite. And it's just funny that Kim runs up to people and says "It IS Kim from Survivor!"

    Team Kim FOR THE WIN! Victory is KIMMINENT!