Monday, April 23, 2012


Kim's a competitor so I think it's only natural that she enjoy's watching others compete!  A couple of weeks ago she got to hang out with some of Nascar's finest fastest (and she also managed to snag the title of "hot lap hottie" :)...

Yesterday we spent a sunny afternoon at the golf course taking in the Texas Open...

Nothing says pressure like trying to make a putt with a million dollars on the line!  I'm thinking Kim might be able to identify just a little bit with playing a high stakes game for money...

The countdown is on...Wednesday is right around the corner! TEAM KIM FOR THE WIN! 


  1. Beth, you are a sweet sister!

  2. Kim's looking great! Can't wait for Episode 11. Looks like we'll be seeing Kim compete in a Slip 'N Slide challenge. Should be fun!

    Hope everyone is having a great week. Team Kim FTW! Victory is KimMINIENT.